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HiPEAC Computing Systems Week in Munich

Date:Jun 2, 2009Location:Munich
Duration:2 days
The HiPEAC Computing Systems Week will be hosted by Infineon from June 2nd to June 4th, 2009.
This week will include the following co-located events:
The 7th HiPEAC industrial workshop, on June 2nd. The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers from academia and industry to investigate the challenges, techniques, tools and requirements of multi-core architectures in embedded systems, especially in the automotive, aerospace, and security industry.
The HiPEAC Cluster Meetings will take place on June 3rd and 4th

More info at HIPEAC Computing System Week in Munich

 Key Data
  • SARC is an integrated project concerned with long term research in advanced computer architecture
  • Duration: 4 years 
  • Main topic: advanced computer architecture
  • 16 European participants

IST-FET project funded under the 6th Framework Programme

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