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HiPEAC 2008 International Conference

Date:Jan 27, 2008Location:Göteborg, SWEDEN
Duration:3 days
The HiPEAC conference provides a high-quality forum for computer architects and compiler builders working in the field of high performance computer architecture and compilation for embedded systems, but is also open to general-purpose research which is becoming increasingly relevant to the embedded domain. The conference aims at the dissemination of advanced scientific knowledge and the promotion of international contacts among scientists from academia and industry. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: Processor architectures Memory system optimization Power, performance and implementation efficient designs Interconnection networks, networks-on-chip, network interfaces and processors Security, dependability, and predictability support Application specific processors and accelerators Reconfigurable architectures Simulation and methodology Compiler techniques for embedded processors Feedback-directed optimization Program characterization and analysis techniques Dynamic compilation, adaptive execution, and continuous profiling/optimization Back-end code generation Binary translation/optimization Code size/memory footprint optimizations

 Key Data
  • SARC is an integrated project concerned with long term research in advanced computer architecture
  • Duration: 4 years 
  • Main topic: advanced computer architecture
  • 16 European participants

IST-FET project funded under the 6th Framework Programme

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