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CASTNESS Workshop and School

Date:Jan 15, 2008Location:Roma - Italy
Duration:4 days
The CASTNESS'08 Workshop and School is a dissemination event jointly organized by the European Integrated Research Projects SHAPES and HARTES. The objectives are: 1)provide training about the future of multi-processor/adaptable embedded systems (system SW, HW architectures, applications) 2)cross-dissemination among european projects: SHAPES, HARTES, SARC, AETHER, MORPHEUS, the APE Massive Parallel Processor initiative, and the academic and industrial research community sharing the topics addressed by those project. Please visit the Castness web Site for more information on the event.

 Key Data
  • SARC is an integrated project concerned with long term research in advanced computer architecture
  • Duration: 4 years 
  • Main topic: advanced computer architecture
  • 16 European participants

IST-FET project funded under the 6th Framework Programme

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