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4th HiPEAC Industrial Workshop

Date:Nov 26, 2007Location:Robinson College, University of Cambridge
Duration:1 day
The main focus of this workshop is advanced computer architecture and compiler technology. The topics of interest for this workshop include, but are not limited to: Modern embedded architectures High-performance low-power architectures Ultra Low Power Circuit and Microarchitecture Design Techniques Reliability and Fault Tolerance Symmetric/Asymmetric Multicore, multithreaded, superscalar, and VLIW architectures Reconfigurable and soft-core computing Compilers and programming tools for modern embedded systems Dynamic translation and optimization Parallel programming and concurrency support for Multicore/multithreaded systems Performance tools for embedded systems Non-traditional embedded computing systems topics More infos on the Workshop:

 Key Data
  • SARC is an integrated project concerned with long term research in advanced computer architecture
  • Duration: 4 years 
  • Main topic: advanced computer architecture
  • 16 European participants

IST-FET project funded under the 6th Framework Programme

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